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Business opportunity
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Based on the discussion (as seen on "Question-Proposals-Quote") we are opening the following Business opportunities for investing or participating in:

l. - "VIDA-System" - including the FLEET-TEST;

2. - "Brana's Club" including Maglev Project (high speed train) with all Management bids.

3. - "Maglev" Project is Attraction by themselves - but we are interested in some participants, because Sale of advertising  spaces is Business for additional staff.

4. - In regards on our "Timber Land" in Brazil there are many various opportunities and proposals.(From cutting, reforestrating until mining!?)

All are explained in dependent Links on theirs Web pages on our Main Web-site.

                                             Maglev - Bullet train

If you are interested in any of opportunities explained above-Please, send one E-mail expressing your interest or questions - and we will answer you promptly. For immediate reply E-mail addresses are :  OR

Sept. 28th, 2003

Important Announcement and Warning's
                    VALID PERMANENT              

After receiving several information's from official sites,we are coming in the  position that we must  publish the  following :
Besides,President,Sr.V.President,Vice President of Intl,& Holding relations,Vice president of 3 Deparments mentioned on this Web-site,anybody else who CLAIMS that they  have the right to talk or negotiate in our name must be supplied with official ID and AUTHORIZATION from our Corporation on Legal Letterhead signed  by Legal Department and one of the V.Presidents.
Any person who does  not have such a document is not our representative or employee;especially if somebody claims influence or the right to negotiate Sell-Buy  our Shares or combine with somebody's else shares or asks  for introduction or other fees up front - it is Fraud and needs to be reported to us or first Police department-Fraud division.
We are sorry that we must  bother you with this information,but it looks like  our Web-site awakes big interest,because of new businesses in daily needs ("Vida-system"),and, only who has a  chance to represent us are some official Brokerage Houses.
On this page there will be information about further development of this case.
Thank you for your patience.
Best wishes from

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Your FEEDBACK is VERY  WELCOME : mailto:BVB3322@hotmailcom,
U p d a t e s & Beware info.:
On February 18th, 2003 Michael Callaway AKA Pady Callaway - ID: NV-Dr.Lic. # 0001174780 received Cancelation of his
Authorization to prepare negotiation with  Mexicans interesting parties. His Authorization is VOID and any mis-use of this
will be considered as Fraud and necessary Legal steps will be taken.Your, eventual, cooperation will be very appreciatede.
(Updated April 25th, 2003)
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