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Deliberation # 3
                        Deliberation                        Or    Deliberation # 1       Or     DELIBERATION # 1A     Or      Deliberation # 2     "Family V. Brana's"       About Us   US and World News-----

Today is October 4th, 2003 and about some things we are not sure that we proper  understand or .....???


As, we consider, we are honest Americans, we love our Country and we are proud to be member of the Best Society in the World. Some thinks making cloud in this beautiful picture, and we would like to talk about, because, Government as Father and Mother must to hear their children who Voted them to Represent us and, together with other, make and choose what is the best for Country and us. We don't like to be shamed with our Congressman's and Representatives because they represent us and we are not all ignorant or stupid people. Many time happens that they something criticized or accept for what we will never gave them rights. But what to do? After Election when they are elected they forget on us and doing things what they, subjectively, think that it is OK, but they talking in our name and permanent you hear words "American people". Many time this "American people" will punch them in nose but we must to await minimum 4 years until they become again "milk and honey".  

We are Common people (it is majority in US) we don't know to use all Lawyers vocabularies but in our simple and strait discussion you will understand what heart us and what and why we are not satisfied with some, for us, very important things. But let's go on line:

1. - President of the Country

if is elected that means that is (with his team) one of the best accepted in Country or -better- Nation, with obligation to represent us in the Country and all over the the World, providing Principle and Politic of USA. We don't talking Democrats or Republicans Parties -  we are talking USA. We must to remind you on the words of our President Mr.Busch who after Inauguration, in his speech to Nation when, he underline that: ".......... it is not important who is Democrat or Republican - we must to be united and together fight for Prosper of our Country". This was far before the War.

But with so tight election results, was not easy to be President in this Country. All Congressman and Representatives forgot that we expecting from them to be Diplomats. To talk with one educated language and have one good home education and behavior. (Every of us fight (as kids) with parents but Father word was last and we respected him. (We think that they did the same.) PRESIDENT IS AS OUR FATHER. (We don't like to talk about other Presidents. We don't writing history but it is of today and in War time when is very important to see this respect.) If Father drinking, have a bad behavior with the mother and the kids and bit them then all neighborhood will criticized and try to protect family. But if is Father good, taking proper care about family (especially kids education) then every body taking him as example of good man.

What happened with us? (We will talking only what's happened recently.)  Did you watched on TV what and how was speech of Senator T. Daschle and some additional followers? Did you observe hate on faces and improper gesture from them? Is this Senators or Diplomatic behavior? Without any respect to POSITION of President! (They have rights to hate Mr. Busch bat not PRESIDENT) What they wanted? To show to world how they are strong and President is for them noting? It is not surprise that on the street demonstrations coming to the violence (in the name of the First Amendment) because they have not any respect to any body, what they saw from their Senators.  Foreign Presidents and Diplomats when see these they sure think that in President Busch House (Parliament) are some "bead kids" which place is in the"Boot-camp" for a little correction.

We strongly recommend you to watch "O'Reilly Factor" on Fox channel. Maybe you will find many necessary answers on your thoughts.

His interview with Senator J. Lieberman (D-Conn.) on March 18th. was such refreshing thing which give you back filling that we really have Senators-diplomats and Senators who respecting call to be United. (If you didn't watch then please go to

The second very interesting things happens on his interview on March 26 with State Senator C. Ringo (D) and Mr. L. Larson talk-show host on KXL.
Discussion was about:  "State of Oregon is considering a bill that would apply drastic criminal penalties to violent protesters,anty-war or otherwise." The sponsor of the bill was inexplicably not present. If this happened in Oregon or not, we don't know, but it is start for many States to consider some similar bill because it become National problem.

When we are in this subject, will be very interesting to know WHAT ACADEMY AWARDS-OSCAR will undertake against misuse of their show stage for improper political and personal insult of our President and don't showing any support for our troops. For us it is also in the level of terrorism and must be treated as so. He don't realize that with such behavior he didn't show his courage - he misused stage of ACADEMY to help our enemies and terrorists who in any case talking that with money - everything is possible in USA. Did ACADEMY has courage to react?

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

 for today it is all. I will inform you when come number 4.

In all this our writing if is anything that have chance to give you some ideas-than we are no sorry for yours and our time.

God Bless our Boys in War, God Bless America and President (with Team) and with help of the God we will be maybe again United as before.

God Bless you.
 Sincerely -  in name of my "Old timers" -  Dr. B. V. Brana

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